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Service Offering

Curative Care

*Epione Health Villages, in partnership with primary care clinicians, promote the usage of the correct entry level facilities to ensure unnecessary specialist, tertiary, quaternary and/or emergency room visit do not occur thus reduce the cost of care to the patient and the healthcare system in general.

Services offered include:
• Primary care interventions
• Blood and non-blood diagnostics
• Pre- and post-natal care
• Chronic disease management
• Allied professional services
• Simple surgical interventions
• Mental health

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Preventative Care

Our partnership with the specialists brings together clinical, operational, strategy, finance and administrative skills to effectively execute on its mandate. Specialists bring their clinical skills and Epione brings operational and administrative skills. Together, the outcome is to better the patient outcomes whilst increasing value of the day hospital.

Medical Centres

Our medical centres will have a host of all primary care needs, including blood and non-blood diagnostics, dialysis centres, physiotherapy, pharmacies, etc. This will form a one-stop shop for patients who are currently having to travel from one point to another in search of care that will complete their therapy.

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Our Clinicians

We have partnered with clinicians whose interests are aligned with our which is to promote the increase in access to quality, affordable, un-fragmented and sustainable healthcare.

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General Practitioners

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Our Facilities

Our health villages ensure that patients are entering the healthcare system at the correct level. These facilities will reduce the unnecessary congestion currently being experienced at the secondary and tertiary facilities.

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