Evolution of Concept

Evlution of Concept
Collective Bargaining Voice

Observed market gap and inefficiencies

Overemphasis on curative services, with preventive services and inadequate access to quality primary care as the first point of care.

Professional and Lifestyle Flexibility

Maiko’s response

A network of health and wellness centres combining primary healthcare and minor surgical procedures with a strong preventative care focus, leveraging cost-effective models/partnerships and technology

Care Coordination, Collaboration & Convenience

Target services

ePre and post-natal care; Diagnostics; Physiotherapy; Psychiatry; Optometry; Dental; Wellness Centre; Women’s Health; Chronic Disease Management; General Surgery

Up-skilling & Surgical Innovation

Target payer/funder

Health Insurance; Out of Pocket; Government

Operations Team

Target location

Low Income/LSM and high population • Dedicated operations team

New Business Opportunities

Entry strategy